Monic Rwaheeru

Monic Rwaheeru shares her experience of how a disabling stroke inspired her to start a community-based organization, The Champion Route Foundation in Uganda.

Gonçalves Cresosto, Mozambique

This is a story about albino Gonçalves Cresosto: 25 years old, from the village of Lanbue, photographed by Vlad Sokhin. Due to the fact that he was born albino, his father left his family. Gonçalves’s mother could not handle raising him and his other brothers alone and sent little Gonçalves to the town of Tete.

Albino orphan, Mozambique

This is a nine year old little albino girl in Tete’s orphanage. Like Gonçalves Cresosto she was abandoned by her family for being albino. Gonçalves previously used to go to this orphanage and asked for food, although he never lived in there.