Disability: Alternative Explanations

Our Exhibition carries forward the work of the DIA Network, highlighting the impact of alternative explanations for disability on disabled people, their communities, activists, civil society and policy makers. We would like to invite all visitors to discuss the new Exhibition on our Discussion Board: just register on the Log In page.  

Overcoming the Stigma of Albinism:  An overview of the myths and beliefs that can lead to discrimination and extracts from a children’s story by Nsah Mala. 

Sensitising Communities to Autism in Sierra Leone: The ways in which the Sierra Leone Autistic Society is working to improve the lives of people with autism.

Dementia in Namibia: Includes I am Ndjinaa, a story of the consequences of witchcraft-related beliefs for people living with dementia. 

Preventing the Sexual Abuse of People with Disabilities in Kenya and Uganda: Advantage Africa research project aiming to reduce such abuse.

Writing the Experience of Disability in South Africa: A discussion by the poet Jacobus Moolman and a selection of poems from his Autobiography of bone.

‘Nobody has a devil inside them’: Epilepsy Advocacy in Sierra Leone:  Medical Assistance Sierra Leone and their short story Jariatu has Epilepsy.

Changing Attitudes Towards Epilepsy in Uganda: Working with Kids Club Kampala to produce a sketch up animation supporting advocacy and education..

Praying for a Cure: Mental health in Ghana: Understanding and documenting the the challenges faced by people with mental health conditions in Ghana.

Sickle cell anaemia in Sierra Leone – A mother’s story: Evidence submitted to lobby for UN Special Resolution. 

‘Free me to dream’  – Disability advocacy through art in Uganda: Arts workshop organised to help disabled children.


The below YouTube video records the launch of our Exhibition on 11th November 2020: